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Fursona with te Riddler by MsKitti3
Fursona with te Riddler
I just realized that this is the first time I 'm drawing the Riddler like this and that it looks alright for me.
This is the Riddler out of the game "Batman Arkham Knight". I have a Cosplay for him and wanted to draw him without freaking out since soem time. Now, I also wanted to give it a try a draw my own Fursona. I don't think I ever did one and I just had to right now. I mean, my name is Kitti in here and I never drew own cat?? Why??? Sooo, for the two people who know my tumblr account I can tell you that my account name there also fits to her. I didn't give her green outlines for nothing. If I ever find a moment where I want to, and can draw a cat, I might draw her again and colour her. Because yes, she is going to be green! Because this is my favorite colour. So when I had this idea I remembered one Thing somebody ones wrote on tumblr. Something that the Riddler would maybe have a cat, or just imagine him with one and I couldn't stop thinking about it since. I WANT THE RIDDLER WITH A CAT!!! It is just perfection to think about him with one of those. It fits so perfectly. And when I was about to create my Fursone and remembered this... well..... you see what came out of it. I hope you like it.

Comments are ALWAYS welcome. Any kind of review.
I don't own the Riddler, but the cat well... I somehow do.
Picture that has no reason to exist by MsKitti3
Picture that has no reason to exist
Why? Just why? This is what happens when you draw while trying to sleep and decide to do the lines. I have no excuse for this picture to actually be there, therefor the title. I felt like drawing Scratte after a loooong time again. But how to draw her? No idea. So I decided to put her together with Harley Quinn. I kind of like those two together. Both are funny, flirty, a bit more dangerous than you would guess and are partly red (for me Scratte has i bit of a red color in her fur). So I wanted to draw Harley to swing her hammer and Scratte laying or jumping on it. So far so good. Drawing the hammer and Scratte wasn't a problem. Drawing Harley was. I didn't even give it a real try and rather decided to draw a fucking box on the ground. I drew Harley leaning against it in a sitting Position. Then it got worse. Why not give the box a freaking lock that looks like a nut? Great! Let's give it an awefull pattern as well. Brilliant! Than how about a bomb??? Always great for Harley. A bomb with a burning match cord and a technical timer in it. Makes no sense? Perfect, I was too tired to notice anyways. To give it a useless feminin touch give it a huge seless ribbon. Oh yesh. Scratte is out of Ice Age, let there be some icicles on the hammer under Scratte. The timer will go off in less than 2 minutes. Let them all stay there!!!! Now add a stupid sentence written on the hammer that says NOTHING, and give it all a sunset to make it epic!!!!! How to know you shouldn't be up anymore.
Happy Birthday Nigtwing by MsKitti3
Happy Birthday Nigtwing
Short story short:
A great friend of mine has her birthday today!!! (If you want to you can just congratulate her on her profile. I'm sure she won't mind it at all ^^)
We already celebrated that and next to a little other thing she got that picture from me :la:. She loves this character, and so do I ^^. And why Nightwing? Simple, it was the cosplay she was wearing the last time we went on a convention and at this day she even made a photo with a WONDERFUL Penguin Cosplayer. I upload this for the üeople who want to see some penguin stuff, and for her, so she can see it digital xDD
Happy Birthday again.
Rorschach 2 by MsKitti3
Rorschach 2
To lame to think of another title.
Soooo, I wanted to do more than just his face and colour him a little bit. Ans he is mostly just Brown anyways xDD
Still don't own anything.


MsKitti3's Profile Picture
Execuse me if my Englisch is bad. I´m German and not really good in Englisch. But I hope you can understand me:
So and now about me: I love. love, love, love animation movies, and my favourite movie is Ice Age (1, 2, 3, and 4)!!!! And my favourite movie pairings are:
- Diego ♥ Shira (Ice Age 4)
- Puss in Boots ♥ Kitty Softpaws (Puss in Boots)
- Alex ♥ Gia (Madagascar 3)
- Joker ♥ Harley Quinn (Batman the animated series)
My Hobby´s are (naturally) to draw, and I collect stones and jewels. I make my own spruce. Sometimes I make some spruces with stones. And I make vid´s.
I love animals, actually all. But I´m scared of spiders. My favourite animals are cats (big cats and house cats). But I´m a little bit afraid of crocodiles, I have a lot of respect of them.
I´m very sensitiv but more lazy and my favourite colour is green ;D
When I´m bored I draw.
Ok I think that was all that I have to tell you about me. ;)

Thanks that you read this all :huggle:
Well... I don't know how to say this but, I'm back.

Actually since some time already. I was gone because I had some problems with my computer, but this is fixed since some time. I realized that I was in a bit under stress because I was in my last year of school and knew I didn't need any distractions. So I wasn't uploading anything anymore. But the biggest reason why I didn't come back sooner is, let's face it, nobody seems to miss me here. Well, now I made it threw school, FINALLY! In the meantime I had some emotional highs and lows. Lows when I didn't knew what to do next, if I'm going to make it and if yes, is it worth it? And my highs when my best friend was there for 2 visits. Emmy :la: .  The first time we ever met was around a year ago, I visited her and we had a great time. Then she came to our place 2 times. We started to cosplay a bit and made some "Cosplay Music Videos" (CMV). Each time we made it a bit more complicated and it was fun. Espacially without having a cameraman every time xDD.

Anyways, I might upload some things. But only a few because I don't draw so much anymore. And I will most likely stick to fanart. No spruce anymore I guess.

So ähm...

Welcome back

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